Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shits in Atlanta

Went to some crappy place in Atlanta the other day. The food made me forget the name.I was served a chicken Kiev that had not been cooked. It looked cooked -- the breadcrumb coating was all brown, so I cut into it, put the small bite in my mouth, found it not very hot, but very, very chewy. Chewy, chewy, chewy. As the restaurant was dimly lit, I moved the candle close to the cut edge. It was pink. The waiter was as surprised as I was and it was taken away and a new, cooked one brought and it was taken off the check. How could a kitchen send out an uncooked entree? Of course, the reason it looked cooked was because it was a prepackaged entree meant to be microwaved. I never went back as I felt I could no longer trust the kitchen. Not to mention I had the runs afterwords!

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