Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olive Garden

This place is fucking terrible. I've been there once, I thought I'd try it. Endless breadsticks! what's not to like? Everything is the answer. Let's start with the breadsticks, they were smelled of garbage, they would have been better served having stuck a package of uncooked doughy breadsticks in front of me. The only redeeming quality was that I felt like I was in the civil war, nibbling on hard tack to stave of hunger as I waited for my waiter to return with my salad.

After struggling to keep my teeth intact after 2 breadsticks, I decided that is where the endless ended, and moved onto my salad. This was no improvement. I got the caesar. It was filled with iceberg lettuce, really? you couldn't even spring for romaine. The dressing was flavorless sans the faint taste of urine. I was taken a back by one aspect though: the croutons. They were the closest thing I've ever eaten for rocks.

As a main course I got some fake italian pasta dish. It had chicken in it, undercooked, translucent in the center. Afraid of getting salmonella, I had to cautiously approach this dish, taking extreme caution to just extract the penne from the chicken. It was covered in light? alfredo sauce, or something that tasted as such, and to top it all of the pasta was over cooked, and had the texture of gum that would quickly disintegrate in your mouth. I don't know if the master chef was going for a juxtaposition of over and undercooked, but what he ended up with were vast similarities. Shit.

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